Scam Alert

Informasi ini kami sajikan untuk para pemasang iklan di internet agar berhati-hati dengan beberapa modus penipuan berikut ini:

  • Si penipu memberitahu telah melakukan transfer pembayaran (padahal sebenarnya belum membayar), lalu Anda akan diminta ke mesin ATM untuk mengecek transfer. Dari beberapa informasi yang diterima, si penipu mengaku dari Cilegon
  • Seorang pemilik apartemen mengirimkan contoh email yang mencurigakan dan mengarah ke penipuan.Hello,
    My name is Lizzy, am 25 years old. I am a very tolerant person, down to earth and open minded. I am looking for accomodation, I want to find out whether your rental is still available. Please get back to me with the features and any other extra details i might need to know and also i need to know the deposit (exact amount) that i will be paying before i arrive, I look forward to hearing from you ASAP.Lizzy ( Eka Lim,
    Thanks for getting back to me, I do not have any questions for now. I have to take up the place, and am ready to pay $1,000 as the deposit. I will like to pay this to secure the apartment. I will let you know the exact move in date when the deposit must have gotten to you and all arrangements concluded. I really need the place secured because I wouldn’t want to get stranded on my arrival and that is the basis of the payment before my arrival, the former room I was to live in was given out because I did not pay deposit to secure the room. Please you have to make the documents for the lease ready for signing on my arrival.
    As regards payment my mom has a client in your area that owes her some money, he has made out payment for the amount he owes my mom before he traveled to China for a business trip, but it is more than your actual deposit I will pay to you. He will have to send the check to you, You will send the balance back to me when you have deducted your deposit, this will take care of my flight ticket and other necessary arrangements before coming. Well I need the name as you want it to appear on the check, the address to send it and your phone number. Please kindly get back to me ASAP. Hope to hear from you soon.Regards,
    Lizzy( beberapa informasi yang saya baca, modus penipuannya kira-kira seperti ini:
    – Penipu akan mengirimkan cek kepada Anda lewat pihak ketiga dengan nilai kelebihan pembayaran.
    – Kemudian Anda diberitahu terjadi kesalahan penulisan angka di cek dan diminta mengirimkan kembali cek tersebut.
    – Si penipu marah-marah kepada Anda karena cek belum diterima, lalu meminta Anda untuk mentransfer ke dia.

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